Mapline 2.0 Countdown

Written by Nicholas

Alright. Nobody panic. This is a good countdown. This is not nuclear Armageddon or the Doomsday clock. The clock down there is a very good countdown. Now that we’ve all collected our breath, I should probably discuss what this countdown actually is for.

We’re calling it Mapline 2.0. Why? Because everything regarding mapline is about to change. It’s about to get even better! This is the most comprehensive update we’ve ever had. So what does this mean and what should you expect from everything that is about to happen in the next few weeks? 

We will be having a Countdown for the big release for the next 8 days, previewing some of the bigger updates you’ll be seeing. Then, on September 24th, Mapline will change forever. Check out the countdown or follow our Social Media for further updates.

I want to get ahead of this and clearly state, you will NOT be losing anything with this update. You’re maps will still there, your data will still be there, and the answers you found will still be there. There are NO surprise charges or fees. You will NOT be kicked out of our system or have to start over. If you have any other concerns, we have a FAQ at the bottom of the Countdown and you can always reach out to us directly. 

Now that the boring stuff is out of the way, let’s return to being excited. Everything is getting better with this update. Routing? Check. Territories? Check. New features you’ve never seen before? Check! We fixed everything but the kitchen sink, and we only missed that because we couldn’t fix a plumbing problem with GIS software. Yet. 

 Let the countdown begin! The Biggest Update in the History of Everything is here!


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08 : 01 : 07 : 39

Stay Tuned for What’s Next!