Market Research & Territory Analysis Mapping Software

Use your data to spot trends and maximize your profits!

Knowledge is power. And with mapping software, you can get a clear, visual understanding of what’s happening in your market. With the right tools, market research comes to life—from demographic trends to customer purchasing habits and so much more. You’ll gather insights you need to launch innovative strategies. Learn how to take your business to the next level with Mapline’s heat map market research tools.

Create Powerful Heat Maps

It can be difficult finding trends in data just by looking at a spreadsheet. Rows of information can only tell you so much. But with heat maps, you can discover the markets most likely to yield success. Whether you’re analyzing customer purchase frequency or amount, or the total number of customers, heat maps make it easy to find the best performing areas with those KPIs. Imagine knowing exactly where to focus your efforts—and exactly the strategies to use! That’s what heat maps can do for you.

Segment pins based on column data

Instead of writing Excel formulas to break up your data, use Mapline to group the locationsbased on specific columns in your spreadsheet. With Mapline, view them all at once—or one at a time. That way, you can easily see which types of customers make up each market. Now you don’t have to wonder which promotions and ads to run for each area because you can easily determine the makeup of the customers in those areas.

Use historical data to maximize profits

Do you have years-old data, but you’re not sure how to use it? With Mapline, you can plug in your historical data alongside current data to see if they match. Investigate what caused increases or decreases in revenue, costs, or total purchases—usually, things don’t just happen. Use Mapline to uncover what needs to change. And once you do, you’ll be better prepared for similar situations in the future. Talk about a huge competitive advantage.

Identify growth opportunities

Heat maps grow your business by helping you find the optimal spot for your next location. With Mapline’s location mapping software, you can perform a territory analysis to determine nearby competitors, analyze customer demographics and more. Interpret your data better—and expand your business—when you embrace the powerful features of mapping software.

Unleash the power of your data today!