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Mapline 2.0
More Power at your Fingertips

We’ve haven’t just been adding new features and interfaces. We’ve also been working on our back end as well. The last thing we want is for our customers to open up Mapline, but then not be able to use it because they have too much data, or they want one too many territories. Well, we’ve made huge strides to make our maps more responsive, faster, and stronger. In short, Mapline can do more heavy lifting than ever before.

More Pins Than Ever

Naturally, the more you can put on a map the more you can get from it. Want thousands of pins and hundreds of territories on the same map? Totally possible. The sleeker, more powerful mapline can handle more than ever.

Fewer Roadblocks

With great power comes great flexibility. We want to remove the constraints of the software so you can cast your net as wide as you can or drill as deep as you want. As our systems become faster, you’ll have more ability to create what you need.

Power to Do What You Need

Mapline is best when features are combined. Heat mapping is great, but heat mapping based on Segments? World changing. Radii are powerful, but combine them with routing and you have something special. A more powerful Mapline means more fluid integration of the tools.

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