How to Create Optimized Routes

Save time and money in seconds with optimized route planning.

1. Open your Map
You can open your map by single clicking the name, double clicking anywhere on the row, or by single clicking on the row and clicking the "Open" button. If you don't have a map created, click on the "Add New Items" button. Then select, "New Map" and give it a name.
2. Click on the Add Menu
Once you've opened your map, click on the "Add" menu in the top left corner of the screen.
3. Choose "Optimize from Existing Pins"
Once the "Add" menu is opened, hover over the "Routes" option. Then select the "Optimize from Existing Pins" option to open the lightbox.
4. Choose the Pins to Include in the Route
Draw a shape around all the pins you want to be included in your route by clicking on the map. You can draw more than shape to include only the locations you want in the route. Finish the shape by clicking on the first point, and click "Next."
5. Select a Starting Point
Select your starting point by clicking on a pin on the map, by clicking on a location that doesn't have a pin, or by typing in an address into the lightbox. Once you've selected the starting point, click "Next."
6. Select an Ending Point
Select your ending point using the same methods for selecting a starting point. However, it isn't required to select an ending point. If you don't choose one, then the stop furthest from the starting point will be chosen as the ending point. Once you've selected an ending point, click "Next." If you don't want an ending point, click "Skip."
7. Customize the Style
Click on the "Style" button to open this lightbox, then customize your route color, opacity, and weight. This style will be implemented to all future routes. Click "OK" when you've customized the route styling.
8. Name the Route and Click "Done"
After customizing your route's style, give it a name. If you leave it blank, a name will be assigned automatically. Then click "Done."
9. Click Route to See Preview
After clicking "Done", you can click any part of the route to see the directions from start to finish. You can also click on the print icon in the top-right corner to have the directions exported.
Watch a demo if you're still not sure how to create optimized routes.
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