How to Replace your Datasets

Update your maps with the most current data in seconds!

1. Open the Dataset Library
Click on the "Dataset Library" tab on the left sidebar to see a list of all the datasets uploaded to your account. If you haven't created any datasets, you can create one in seconds!
2. Select a Dataset and click "Replace"
You can access the "Replace" button three different ways. The first is to select your dataset by clicking on the row, and then click on the "Replace" button at the top. The second way to access it is by right clicking on the dataset, and selecting "Replace" from the menu that appears. The third option is to open the dataset page by clicking on the name, or double clicking on the row, and then clicking the "Replace" button at the top. It can also be accessed through the dataset menu on the map page.
3. Verify Spreadsheet Data is Formatted Correctly
Make sure your spreadsheet is using the correct format by checking your headers. You need to have at least one column with address-type information (Address, City, State, Postal Code, Country, or Lat/Long Coordinates). If you use lat/long coordinates, they need to be separated into different columns. You aren't limited to the number of columns you can upload, so include all the info that you'll need to see.
4. Paste in the Data
Once your data is formatted, copy the headers and all the rows that you want to upload. Then give your dataset a name, paste the data into the box, and click "Next."
5. Verify Headers and Click "Ok"
In order to make sure that your data will plot correctly be sure to verify your address columns. This will let you make sure that we're is recognizing all of your columns correctly. Clicking "OK" will create your dataset. If you get an error message, make sure that you included your headers when you copied and pasted in your data.
Watch a demo to see how to replace your dataset in seconds.
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