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Configure your map to get the exact appearance you need. Are you looking for the best functionality? Or do you need a branded map?

You’re in the right place.


Original Map (English/ Multilingual): This is your standard 2-D map, shaded to reflect the roads and landscape. Select ‘Multilingual’ if you want to see location names displayed in their original language.

Bright Map: This is a brighter, less-detailed version of the original map. If the original map is too cluttered for you, this is a great option!

Solid Color: Set a solid background color to eliminate the map terrain and only display territories and pins.

Screenshot of the Map Settings lightbox in Mapline, with the Background section highlighted

Satellite: This standard 3-D map shows you all the detail available, so you can see the surroundings around each of your locations. This is especially useful if you need to identify the front of a building or the surrounding roads.

Grayscale: Turn your original map into a grayscale version. This is a nice aesthetic and makes a perfect visual for screenshots and presentations.

Brightness: Adjust your background brightness to make your pins or territories stand out more, or to declutter the look of your map.


Tired of zooming and panning around every time your map reloads?

Use your current position or a custom position on the map as your default. This way, every time you access your map, it will already be focused on the area you want to see.

It even gets as specific as setting an exact latitude and longitude as your default position. Adjust the zoom level you need (the higher the number, the more zoomed in you’ll be), and you’re all set!

Screenshot of the Map Settings lightbox in Mapline, with the Default Position section highlighted


Don’t like what you see? Click the blue Refresh icon in the top-right corner of the Map Settings lightbox to restore the original settings.
Screenshot of the Map Settings lightbox in Mapline, with the Refresh button highlighted