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Download your maps and charts as images!

Need a sales chart for a presentation? Or maybe you want to add a heat map to your proposal? We’ve got you covered.

All map images download as PNG files. If you need another file format, a PNG can easily be converted in Photoshop, Gimp, or Canva.


Select the area of your visualization you’d like to save. Choose from the following:

  • Map: Download only the map itself, with any pins, legends, territories, and styling, etc. that you leave visible.
  • Map sidebar: Export only the sidebar of your map.
  • Chart: Download only the chart itself.
  • Legend: Export only the chart legend.
  • Chart & Legend: Export both the chart and legend.
Screenshot of the Save As Image lightbox in Mapline


Set the image size you need:

  • Regular: Download an image that’s the same size as your computer screen.
  • Large: Generate an image that’s zoomed out one level further than your current screen display.
  • Extra Large: Export an image that’s zoomed out two levels further than your current screen display.
Screenshot of three maps at different zoom levels