August 2022



August 2022


While many of you have been prepping for back-to-school season, we’re back with more updates! This month, we’ve introduced some crazy-cool capabilities that we can’t wait to share with you!

Forms Updates

We’re still adding new features to forms, and we think you’ll really like these useful updates.

You can now access forms straight from your datasets or by hovering over map pins. This makes it quick and easy to see the form that’s linked to your data.

Scan barcodes and email receipts directly from forms. If you deal with inventory, orders, or need to send invoices after a service is complete, these features are super useful.

You can even add form submissions to your datasets as soon as they’re submitted. In the form settings, assign data to save as a new row, or update an existing row in your dataset.

Finally, access new completion actions to streamline your processes even further. Configure your forms to send an email to the form owner, or send to a group of people.

This cuts out extra steps and frees up more time so you can focus on more important actions at work.

Screenshot of a map in Mapline, showing how Forms appear when you hover over a map pin.

Dynamic Pin Styling

Style your pins based on data from your datasets!

Dynamic styling ties your pin color to specific data. For example, color each store on your map based on net sales for the month, or based on overdue deliveries.

Any time the data changes, your pins update automatically. This saves tons of time for anyone who needs to visualize the most recent data at a moment’s notice.

Screenshot of the pin styling menu in Mapline, with the dynamic styling button highlighted.

Routing Updates

Now, in Dynamic Route Configuration, you can set a max number of stop points for your routes.

This is particularly useful if you want every route to have no more than a certain number of stops.

This way, you ensure that your drivers all have the same number of stops, or that routes never exceed a certain length.

Screenshot of optimized route settings, with max stop points highlighted.

Filter Enhancements

Have you ever wanted to leverage user information in Filters? Now you can!

Pull in personal data, such as user type, personal preferences, and more.

For example, configure filters so that each technician can only see data pertinent to their assigned locations.

This makes it easier than ever to get the right information to the right people.

Screenshot of Filter options. Setting "All of the Following are true" where "assigned rep" equals "Rep name."
Want to see any of these in action or have any questions?