February 2022



February 2022


As time goes on, more and more of our features come from user feedback. So, keep the suggestions coming! We’ll keep churning out incredible updates that help you do more with your data.

Curbside Routing is Here!

Curbside routing is available in Mapline! We couldn’t hide our excitement about this update if we wanted to.

No more headaches or hours spent re-routing and figuring out where your vehicles can turn around.

Instead, use our advanced system to generate itineraries configured for curbside stops.

Dance break, anyone?

Better Insights with Chart Sorting

There are many new ways to sort data in charts. You can reorder data from the chart axis or sort by segment.

Your dashboards will be even more useful now, too. For example, you can see which sales rep has the most open opportunities and segment the chart by sales stage.

There are myriad ways you can leverage chart sorting to improve your data insights.

Click here to try it out for yourself. >>

Remove Territory Holes in Two Clicks

Sometimes, you create your own territories with custom shapes that cross county and zip code boundaries. This can create ‘holes’ in your territories due to government-defined boundaries.

It can be nice to simplify the look and feel of your map. Now, with just two clicks, you can remove holes and create a more uniform, whole appearance for your territories.

Not only does this create a better aesthetic, but your maps will have more consistent colors and styling, making them easier to read.

Set Map Zoom Level with URL Variables

Do you want a map to stay zoomed in on a particular area whenever it loads?

Pre-set your maps to load at certain zoom levels using URL variables.

When you add the variable ?zoom=# to the end of your URL, your map will automatically zoom in to the level you choose.

This makes it easy to go straight to the area you need on your map, without having to adjust it manually every time.

As a reminder, you can also use URL variables to search on your map or create coverage circles. Here is a list the URL variables currently available in Mapline:

  • ?zoom=#
  • ?search=address
  • ?search=city,state
  • ?coveragecircle=# mi/ km

These variables can be especially helpful if you want to see data within a particular zip code, or if you want to display a circle around a specific area.

Field Validation in Forms

Add a step to your forms to verify that phone numbers and email addresses are completely filled out. This way, you canensure the most accurate and complete information possible.

New to forms? Well, brace yourself, because now you can collect data on the road and get the most up-to-date insights right in Mapline.

Talk to your Account Executive about Forms today. This feature will rock your world!

Want to see any of these in action or have any questions?