JUNE 2022



June 2022


If you saw a heat wave… would you wave back?

We ask because there’s a wave of hot updates headed your way from Mapline. We’re ecstatic to save you time so you can get out and enjoy more of that summer sun.

Performance Enhancements

Our first update might be the hottest of them all.

Say hello to 30% faster load times when optimizing routes!

Generate optimized routes faster than ever so you can get back to the most important things at work and at home.

Graphic that reads, "Route Optimization is 30% Faster."

Map Improvements

Maps now have additional zoom levels, so you can get the exact details you need no matter how zoomed-in or zoomed-out you are.

For example, view buildings and drop-off areas along your routes to ensure the smoothest trips. Or, get a zoomed-out overview of the entire route.

This feature makes it easier than ever to get the best details for your projects.

Screenshot of a map of Denver, then a screenshot of zooming in on Broadway.

Custom Form Styling

Forms are more versatile than ever with custom styling!

Pick pre-defined themes, or plug in your own hex color codes.

Select from a range of background colors and set your own fonts to keep your Forms in line with your brand.

Have you tried Forms yet? We would love to hear about your experience!

Contact your Account Executive today and let us know how Forms have impacted your operations.

Screenshot of the customization menu in forms, showing color and font settings.
Want to see any of these in action or have any questions?