October 2022





This month, we’ve been focusing on improvements that will make your use of Mapline even easier and smoother than ever before. We’re so excited to roll out these updates

Display Maps in Satellite View

You’ve been asking for this update, and now it’s here! Change your maps to satellite view to visualize terrain, buildings, and streets for even more versatile and useful insights.

You can access this new feature in your map settings on any map.

Satellite map image and screenshot of a dialogue box showing where to find the satellite setting under Map Options > Settings > Background: Satellite

General Updates

We’ve rolled out lots of improvements for speed and load times.

You’ll notice quicker, smoother loading, so you can focus on getting the information you need even faster.

Graphic that has a loading icon and reads, 'Faster Load Times.'
Want to see any of these in action or have any questions?