Identify Your Pins and Add Custom Labels to a Map

Mapping Label Tools Help You Tell a Better Story

Mapline helps you organize maps dotted with multiple locations and countless pins. With our mapping label tool, you’ll quickly add custom labels to a map to ensure your data is easily digestible at a glance—whether you’re working with team members or pitching a presentation.

Clarify and differentiate locations with map labels

Plotting hundreds, or even thousands of locations can get confusing. That is where map labels can help. Instead of drowning in map pins, use map labels to identify your pins and make it easier to find and analyze your locations.

Create Organized Presentations

If you’re showing your maps in key business presentations, you want your visuals to tell as clear of a story as possible. Labels help you do that by telling your colleagues what locations and territories they’re looking at.

Tell a Better Story with More Details

The more detailed, the better. Go beyond names of locations and include detailed information like listing prices, square footage, route distances, and location features. With customizable labels, you can quickly organize and differentiate between location to create stunning map presentations that you can print out.
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