Sales Mapping and Territory Optimization Software

No matter what happens in a business’s many departments, success is often measured by the performance of the sales department. Empower your sales team! Give them a tool that allows them to manage their territories and customers, and to identify which areas and customers are potential gold mines.

Manage your sales territories
It isn’t always best to look at territory performance on a spreadsheet. Details can fall through the cracks. Sales mapping software can help you map and track where your customers, leads, and former customers are located. Then, segment them and apply heat maps to know which territories are booming and which aren’t reaching their potential.
Route optimization
If you haven’t created routes, then it’s likely you’re losing money and wasting time. With sales route mapping, segment your customers and find the distance from all your locations to a specific address. Then, take that data and create territories you can use as routes. Export that data for your drivers to create maximum efficiency on the road.
Identify growth opportunities
Perform a competitive analysis to find areas that are underserviced by companies in your industry. Next, enter customer and market data to see which of these areas will most likely lead to high profits.

Use Maps to Know Where to Grow

Increasing sales in any market isn’t easy to do. See how Peerfit was able to leverage maps to find opportunities to grow as quickly as possible.

Sales Territory Mapping Software

Are you looking for an easier way to visualize where your clients, prospects and sales rep territories are located? If you’re looking for a solution, Mapline’s sales territory mapping tool lets you see the big picture. Rather than mapping each individual address, you can upload your Excel spreadsheet and populate a map with all your data—instantly.

Sales Territory Reporting

Adopt a more strategic way to report on your sales territories with Mapline’s powerful sales territory reporting tools. Plot your sales data on a visually-appealing map and review metrics with a few clicks. With simple and clear reports, you can optimize performance reports, increase sales in new markets, and build new strategies for business growth.

Unleash the power of your data today!