Manage your data with Views

We’re continuing to add new features and enhancing old features at Mapline. Here is what has changed:


We know our users value data security and data management. Hence, we created Views. It is so easy to manage large datasets for your team. Once you’ve uploaded your data, you can create views based on criteria like city, state, sales rep assigned, annual sales, etc. If the column is in your dataset, then you can use it to create a view. From there, you’re a few clicks away from sharing those with your team so that they have the data that is pertinent to them. Views also enables you to have increased data security, because you aren’t giving access to the entire dataset. That way no one has more information than they are supposed to, and you don’t have to break up all the data multiple times in Excel. The best part about views is that they will update any time that you update the original dataset.

Drag and Drop Route Order

Now with routing you don’t have to stress if you want to change the order of your stops. All it takes is to drag and drop the stops into the order that you want. When you do that, the route on your map will update to show you the new version. Plus, you’ll have the updated directions as well.

Other Enhancements

We’ve continued to fix miscellaneous bugs that we find to improve performance and make Mapline easier to use.

Reach Out

We’ve got even more great stuff on the way, and we love to hear your suggestions. So if you have an idea that will help make Mapline better, reach out to us.