How to Create a Map

Maps empower us to see the world—and our data—with fresh eyes and an open mind. Whether you need to map geographic data to perform high level marketing analyses, plan an optimized sales route or anything in between, Mapline has simple tools for the job. Struggling with rows and columns of numbers? Learn to upload your Excel data and visually decipher it on an easy-to-read map. When you have a holistic view, you’ll spot trends and patterns faster and improve the way you collaborate with and serve your team. Just upload a spreadsheet in seconds—it’s that simple. Follow the step-by-step instructions below, and you’ll see why learning how to create a map with pins has never been easier.

Build a Custom Map with Mapline

Quickly visualize your data to uncover insights by placing pins on a map. Follow these 11 steps to build a custom map:
  1. Login to your Mapline account.
  2. Click “New.”
  3. Select “New Map.”
  4. Enter a name for your map.
  5. Click “OK.” The next page will show you an empty map.
  6. Click “Add.”
  7. Select “Dataset Pins.”
  8. Check the box next to each dataset you would like to appear on the map. If you haven’t uploaded any datasets yet, click “Add New.”
  9. If you are creating a new dataset, name it and paste in your data from Excel. Don’t forget to include the header row of your spreadsheet so that we can identify your columns. Also, you can verify your column headers to make sure that Mapline is correctly identifying your columns.
  10. Click “OK.”
  11. Click “OK” again. Your map is now ready to view.

Sign Up to Create a Map with Mapline

With your new map, you can start sharing your findings, improving business practices, or laying the foundation for a slew of new sales and marketing initiatives. Ready to get started? Check out our plans and pricing. Questions? We’re happy to help make mapping simpler for you. Contact us to learn more about how to build a custom map for your business.