Merge your Territories in Seconds

We started the year off right by figuring out new ways to meet your needs. Hence, we are excited to bring you the newest features of Mapline – the Merge Territories tool, an enhancement to the route optimization tool, and new way to use heat maps.

Manage Territories Easier than Ever

It is now possible for Mapline users to customize the shapes they place on their map even more by merging them into territories. If you need to manage territories, then this is the tool for you. In seconds, you can break up the US, or a specific state, into the territories that your company has created. You can then color them based on performance by using the data you’ve uploaded onto the map. On top of that, you’ll be able to click on those territories and get a report of all the data inside them. When we say it’s never been easier to manage territories, we mean it.

Get Reports of your Routes in Seconds

Need to see a breakdown of how your route is constructed? Look no further than the route export feature. You can now export details about your route like the mileage and the amount of time to drive the whole thing. This will help make your distance analysis much easier because you can quickly see if some routes are longer than average. The cost saving opportunities with this tool are endless.

Dive Deeper into your Data

Heat mapping has been a feature that couldn’t be applied to a subsection of your dataset. Until now! Users now have an additional level of granularity that they can analyze. So if you want to see a heat map of all of “Tom’s” locations, or all locations with sales above $5 million, it’s now possible. Now you can have a leg up on the competition by being able to spot trends that lead to better performance.

Try Them Out

These new features are all available to use today! So what are you waiting for? Our support team is more than willing to assist you in using these enhancements.