New Route Optimization Feature

Our latest update has some big changes! We’ve rolled out a beta version of our route optimization feature. We’ve also made enhancements to other features. Here’s all that’s changed:

Route Optimization

Having optimized routes are crucial to time and cost savings for sales teams, delivery crews, etc. That’s why we’ve made it super easy to create optimized routes. You’ll be able to create routes in two different ways. The first is by drawing a polygon around all the pins you want to have a route for. The other is to manually click on the map to identify the stop points of the route. Now you can spend more time working, instead of planning. Learn more about the feature. This feature is a beta version. So if something isn’t working or you have feedback, please let us know!

Territory Report Sorting

Now when you have multiple boxes checked on the territory report, all of the values (average, sum, max, and min) you have selected will appear next to each other in a clear way. Now it is much easier to see the differences between each part of your territory.

Other Enhancements

We have made enhancements to make features easier to use. We also made changes so that Mapline is more user friendly and powerful.

Keep in Touch

Make sure to contact us if you wish to know more about these upgrades or if you have other suggestions.