How GIS Mapping Software Benefitted a Workplace Wellness Platform

Peerfit, a workplace wellness company founded in 2011, is dedicated to helping employers connect their employees with fitness classes. The digital platform helps people locate nearby fitness studios and navigate a wellness dollar system to pay for workout activities, such as boot camp, boxing or yoga. In the beginning, Peerfit’s goal was to increase efficiency for companies using a wellness dollar model. However, over time, the platform expanded its client base and took on more clients with more employees, spanning cities and boroughs across the United States. Peerfit needed to continue its push forward with data-driven insights—only this time, on a national scale. It also realized it must begin to factor distance into its employer-employee network in order to provide relevant, accurate fitness studio matches for those seeking their services. Andre Ortega, enterprise healthcare consultant at Peerfit, wanted a way to visualize the distance between employees, gyms and studios. Ortega turned to Mapline to realize his company’s goals. He wanted to not only give clients an accurate list of fitness studios but also provide his own teammates with an easy-to-use application to help them build maps, plot locations and visualize data. Mapline’s distance mapping tools, heat maps and territory overlays were the solution.

Distance Analysis Provided for Deeper Dives

According to Ortega, Peerfit’s experience with distance analysis was minimal prior to Mapline. But that didn’t prevent Ortega from seeing the value—in fact, he said distance analysis now plays a major role in connecting people to gyms that match their interests, needs and driving time. And this increased accuracy not only produced happier employees but also happier clients. Distance insights have helped the wellness platform adjust its quotes and pricing generator, meaning clients see and feel the increased value, too.

Heat Mapping, Segments and Zip Code Overlays Optimized Sales Travel

Like most sales teams, Ortega’s coworkers spend much of their time on the road. Before Mapline’s mapping software, the team struggled with wear and tear on vehicles and chronic, inefficient overspending. Now, they use overlay territory boundaries and heat maps to evaluate territories and get the most out of their trips.

Radial Heat Mapping Prompted Increased Visibility and New Business

Mapline’s online mapping software has provided Peerfit with opportunities for new client partnerships. Thanks to radial heat mapping—or color-coded concentrations of an area or activity—Peerfit has a clearer understanding of its network coverage and the ability to share these findings with team members who seek to form strategic partnerships with optimal clients. To learn more about how Mapline’s online mapping solutions positioned Peerfit for growth and efficiency, explore the full case study.  

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