Easy from the Get-Go

Start adding market data to your spreadsheet dataset to see insights you’ve never even imagined.
Nothing to install
No more outdated versions, lost files, or resource drains regardless of your browser or device! Mapline is always online and ready to help wherever you need it to be — just login and your data is there.
Just copy and paste
Simply copy your Excel or spreadsheet data and paste it into Mapline to instantly generate a map! Using our powerful analytical tools, you can create customized new ways of visualizing and understanding your data.
Flexible pricing
Whether you want to build simple maps from your spreadsheet data or need access to our robust and powerful business analytics, Mapline has a suite of products created specifically with your needs in mind.
Superior service
Mapline’s team of experts are ready to show you how to make the most of your data! Call us, chat with us, or send an email … we really do want to help you become an office superhero!

Data like you’ve never imagined.

Don’t be constrained to your own data. We take what you have and add everything you don’t have to show you a more complete picture!
U.S. Demographic Data
Mapline can give you access to U.S. Demographic Data to be used like you’ve never seen before. Easily access population, income, and household information and integrate it with your data and geographies.
Ready to use
Add demographic data to your datasets and include it in your analysis. Mapline’s data is ready to use and organized so you can access exactly what you need.
Custom Reports on YOUR territories
The best part about Mapline’s curated data is that you can see it for your own geographies. Want to see average income for your own, custom sales territories? Done! And it only takes seconds.
Demographics Around Locations
Combine our U.S. Demographics data with Mapline’s Supersets and you can gather the total population within 3 miles of each of your stores or the average income within a mile of each of your customers. And this is only the beginning!

Want to see Mapline’s curated data in action?