Transportation Optimization

Utilize shapes and distances to cut transportation costs.

Track and coordinate staff, keep your customers updated, lower costs, and respond efficiently to the unexpected—all when you discover the powerful possibilities of route optimization software. Transportation mapping software makes your data more accessible—so collaboration can happen in the field on any device. See what you can do with Mapline today.

Customer segmentation

Instead of writing Excel formulas to break up your data, use Mapline to group the locations based on specific columns in your spreadsheet. With Mapline, view them all at once—or one at a time. That way, you can easily see where certain types of customers are located. Then, break up your customer segments into smaller groups based on other columns.

Create smarter routes

It’s easy to group your customers. And it’s just as easy to make your territories. With just a few clicks, create custom routes for employees out on the road. Not only that, Mapline’s routing map software provides a summary of the data that falls within each territory. It’s that simple to give your employees a smarter, more efficient route.

Analyze distances to maximize revenues

Not sure who to assign to each route? Only want to include locations within a specific distance of your office or distribution center? Don’t stress it! Route optimization software gives you the power to easily draw shapes and lines to figure out how far away your locations are. Then, optimize current or new routes to cut costs and increase revenue.

Unleash the power of your data today!