The Mapline Solution Suite

For the past 10 years, we’ve been focused on building the most robust, simple to use, and analysis-driven mapping software on the planet. Throughout the development process, it became clear that our customers needed more. For many, Mapline was only a part of the solution; we saw how Mapline could become the whole solution.

Although mapping alone was helpful, providing a single destination for all your decision making tools would be world-changing: a true business data framework! With that in mind, we created our new Mapline product suite, designed to take every aspect of decision making and centralize it on one platform — it’s your data made powerful.
Geospatial Mapping


Mapline Mapping is your classic mapping tool upgraded with our newest updates like improved territory reports, public map sharing, “zoom to” options, overhauled segmenting UI, and more. To commemorate the release of Mapping, we also updated our free Starter version to have access to ALL mapping tools. (Yes, you read that right!) The Mapping Starter version now has access to territories, segmenting, heat mapping, pin customization…the works! Contact our Customer Success team now to get additional training on any of these features.


Whether you need to create routes from a spreadsheet, generate bulk routes based on specific criteria, or just select locations one-by-one to create your own route, Mapline Routing is the complete solution for all your routing needs. While not a new face to the Mapline community, we discovered that many users who needed routing weren’t looking for the same tools as those focused on mapping, so we decided to separate routing and mapping into two products. If you want to test-drive Routing, contact our sales team to schedule a demo or discussion.
Optimizer Routing
Perspective Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

It’s a simple equation: data + location = power. While seeing your data visualized on a map can provide new insights, sometimes traditional charts, graphs, and reports can provide a more accessible look into business performance. Enter: BI Charting! Drag and drop data to generate slidedeck-ready visuals in seconds. Beyond just simple visualizations, Mapline BI also allows you to create dashboards that can include maps, reports, charts, and dataset views. Additionally, we’ve added metrics to dashboards to allow you to track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


It’s difficult to know where to start with Mapline Automate…need to calculate the closest distribution center to each of your stores? Automate can do that in a matter of clicks. What about identifying the closest qualified technician to a specific job site? It can do that too. What about complex data calculations like Microsoft Excel (including some calculations that Excel can’t)? Absolutely! Automate is an automated data localizer, which means you can automate any task that would normally take minutes or even hours and accomplish it in seconds. Take a look at our newest introductory video and prepare to have your mind blown!
Surveyor and Connexion

Forms and CRM

Forms connect the outside world directly with your datasets. That means any form you send out will automatically populate results within Mapline for quick analysis, also pulling in territory, demographic, or location data. Mapline CRM tracks customers, displays job statuses, and more. Forms and CRM are both currently in development, but if you would like to learn more, our sales team can provide you with the latest news.

Wrapping up

There are a lot of new products, features, and tools available, and far too much to cover here. If anything has jogged your interest or inspired a way to enhance your business, let us know! We have solution designers and sales reps with extensive experience across a plethora of industries that would love to help. Give us a call, schedule a demo, or send us an email and let us show you what “Mapping Made Powerful” really means!