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Views are the best way to securely share your Mapline datasets and visualizations with your team.

A view is similar to a dashboard, where you can grant your team access to the information they need. Here, you have the power to hide the information they don’t need access to, protect the integrity of your original datasets, and ensure that the right people always have access to the right data.

Mapline’s sharing permissions are even more advanced than Google’s! That’s because views offer you several layers of data security that you won’t find anywhere else.


Name your view and select the source dataset you’d like to use.

The name you assign to your view will be the name that appears in your Views Library later on.

If the desired dataset contains sensitive information, don’t worry about changing the dataset itself. In the next steps, you’ll filter out any dataset columns you don’t want to share.

screenshot of the Add View lightbox in Mapline, with Name and Dataset highlighted


Configure your filters just as you would with any other filter in Mapline. (If you don’t need any filters, don’t worry about this step).

For example, maybe your sales team needs to make on-site visits to audit your stores. You want them to be able to see which stores are due for an audit, and you don’t want them to see any assignments that are blank.

When you’re finished, click the orange Next button.

screenshot of the Add View lightbox in Mapline, with Filters highlighted and the Filters window open


Select the dataset columns you want to include in your view. Simply uncheck the boxes you don’t want to share, then click the orange OK button.

screenshot of the Add View lightbox in Mapline, with the Column selection highlighted


Now this dataset has been assigned to a new view! This is just the first step in setting up advanced sharing permissions for your team.

Here are some powerful ways to start leveraging views:

You now have the power to get the right information into the right hands in just moments.

Screenshot of sharing a dataset from a view in mapline