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Once you’ve added the right questions to your form, it’s time to customize your questions. This way, you’ll be sure to always gather the exact information you need.


At the top-right corner of each question, you’ll see a blue menu bar. Here, you can choose whether to make a question required, adjust the validation settings for that question, or delete the question altogether.

When you click on a question, an orange menu bar appears on the right-hand side. Here, you can duplicate the question, add or insert a new question, or import a question from an existing form.

Screenshot of the individual question settings in Mapline forms


All of your form questions are listed in the left-hand sidebar. Hover over a question and click the candy box icon to drag and rearrange questions.

Or, click the hamburger menu to reveal a shortcut to Duplicate or Remove a question.

Screenshot of the sidebar menu in Mapline forms


Some question types have dynamic capabilities, meaning you can create answer options based on columns in your datasets.

Where applicable, this option appears when you click the blue + icon to add new answers.

Select Dynamic Options, then choose the dataset and column from which you wish to generate answers.

For example, maybe you want to create a drop-down menu with the name of the technician. As techs fill out the form, they select their own name so they get credit for the service.

If one of your datasets already lists all of your technicians, simply select that dataset from the drop-down list, and then select the column that lists their names. Dynamic options are a fantastic way to keep your forms up-to-date, no matter how many times the original dataset changes!

Next, add any necessary filters, then click the orange Save button at the bottom-right of the Add Dynamic Options window to apply your changes.

Screenshot of the Dynamic Question Options lightbox in Mapline Forms


Want to customize your form even further? Here’s how to apply your own custom styling, or share this form with your team.