3 Benefits of Route Planning Software

Planning routes by hand has never been an easy task. Whether your priority is managing a successful sales team or scheduling a large fleet, manual planning can lead to route inaccuracies. And inaccuracies mean unhappy customers, decreased lead generation, and costly delivery blunders. The solution? Powerful automated route planning not only creates efficient routes in just minutes but also helps identify your best opportunities for growth. Check out three ways route planning software leads to business success.

Route Planning Leads to Increased Sales

Your sales reps’ wish list likely includes faster routes and shorter drive times. With route planning, simply draw a custom shape around a sales territory. Then, the mapping application creates a personalized route with pins, based on start and end points. Route planning software allows sales reps to visualize their daily schedule on a map, decrease drive time, and ultimately add more appointments to their calendar. And when your reps have more time to spend in their territory, they sell faster and smarter.

Delivery Mapping Helps Drivers Plan Efficiently

In addition to serving sales teams, route planning can transform your company’s fleet management and scheduling. Route planning helps prevent delivery delays by routing drivers around congested roads, bridges, and high-traffic areas where tight turns are difficult. Route planning can also shorten delivery drive time by identifying the routes with the shortest mileage. This means you save on fuel consumption, one of the biggest expenses in transporting goods. Visualizing and mapping your fleet routes can be essential to improving your drivers’ delivery efficiencies—and reducing their stress.

Supply Chain Route Mapping Cuts Transportation Costs

Maps and analyses build better supply chains by streamlining deliveries, improving customer satisfaction, and cutting costs. When supply chains use route planning to inform transportation strategies, they can easily analyze, visualize, and share data at every touchpoint. Managers get increased visibility into planned and completed routes, while strategists can use route mapping software to optimize shipping routes for normal and ad-hoc planning cycles, helping to drive cost savings on the road and throughout the supply chain. The right route planning software can help you breathe easy with increased efficiency, improved communications and accountability, and growth opportunities for your whole team. From planning a simplified route in minutes, to preventing driver frustration and saving on fuels costs — route planning offers a wide array of benefits. Learn more about route planning software and how you can leverage it for your own business.