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What Are the Alternatives to Google Maps?

If you’ve used Google Maps to navigate to a new city, find the distance between two points or create a map for a presentation, you’re not alone. Google Maps is one of the most popular mapping applications—and for good reason. The tech company’s mapping solution is available for online browsers and pre-installed on most mobile […]

How Digital Fitness Tool PLT4M Leverages Data Mapping

PLT4M is a digital training solution designed by two former Division 1 athletes to give high school student-athletes access to fundamental, quality exercises. Its training curricula allow coaches and teachers to focus on students involved in all types of sports—from football and lacrosse to volleyball, track and more. Teachers and coaches can help students leverage […]

3 Ways to Use GIS Mapping in Higher Education

GIS mapping is a powerful technology, and many college and university professors are taking note of its utility as a classroom learning tool. While its uses vary across majors and degree concentrations, GIS provides all students with a range of skillsets, such as problem solving and database management, as well as map creation, data accuracy, […]

Mapline’s Mock Election Platform Helps Students Cast Their Ballots

At Mapline, we’ve collaborated with New Jersey teachers and schools to help students vote in elections and experience the democratic process. Our interactive mapping software for schools makes it easy for teachers to register their students’ participation and analyze the results once all votes have been counted. For most students, the New Jersey mock election […]

YourNews Leverages Mapping Software to Publish Nationwide Local News Online

Daily news platform YourNews brings local news online to audiences across the United States. By partnering with network affiliates and advertisers, the company serves a nationwide audience by Zip Code. The website—an aggregate of city, county, state, regional and international news stories—aims to provide accessible local news to as many readers as possible amid declining […]

3 Benefits of Route Planning Software

Planning routes by hand has never been an easy task. Whether your priority is managing a successful sales team or scheduling a large fleet, manual planning can lead to route inaccuracies. And inaccuracies mean unhappy customers, decreased lead generation, and costly delivery blunders. The solution? Powerful automated route planning not only creates efficient routes in […]
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