More Flexibility with the Excel Add-in

We’ve wasted no time this year to improve Mapline, and you can expect updates throughout the year. We’ve fixed some bugs, improved one of our features, and added additional columns to your datasets as well.

Excel Add-in Supports Date, Accounting, and Currency Formats

Mapline’s Excel Add-in allows users to upload their data without leaving Excel. If you don’t use the add-in, then you’re missing out. Especially now that the add-in will accept columns in a date, accounting, or currency format. Start using the add-in to make it even easier to upload data and create maps.

Additional Columns Available

You now have the ability to see more information about your locations than before. When looking at your data from the spreadsheet page, you can see when the location was added or modified. You can also see which user added or modified it as well. It makes it easier to track what you should do next with your locations.

Other Updates

This update also had a number of bug fixes involved with it to improve usability.