Retail Mapping Software

The retail market is a complicated monster. Between evaluating your own data, competitive data, and consumer data, you’re already wondering how to find the time to analyze them all. Mapline is data visualization software that makes it easy to derive powerful analysis from all your data.

Find places to grow
Every business wants to grow, but you can’t just point at a place on a map and have great results. So add more depth to that decision by performing competitor analysis along side your customer and store data. Then utilize heat maps and distance analysis to find the best areas for growth to increase your chances for success.
Optimize your supply chain
Stop looking at your supply chain in a spreadsheet, and upgrade it to a map view. That way you can run distance analysis and segment each part of the process to make sure that everything is running as efficiently as possible. Imagine how much you can cut the costs and the time it takes to get the product to the customer!
Manage your territories
Are you putting your attention and resources into the best territories? Using heat maps, customer segmentation, and the ability to add your territories to a map, you can know exactly which are underperforming. Then you can compare it to higher performing territories to know which tactics to implement or pause.

Retail Store Mapping

As a retailer, it’s important to stay on top of a lot of factors. You’re looking for the latest information on customer behavior, trends in your area of focus, competitor marketing tactics and more. When it comes to physical store locations, wouldn’t it be helpful to be able to visualize your stores in relation to competitors and other considerations?

5 Benefits of GIS in Retail

For many retailers, the challenge is the same: location. Geography matters, especially in a hyperconnected world, where the rise of ecommerce means physical stores must craft a bigger and better in-store experience. With maps, retailers gain a competitive advantage.

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