Supply Chain Mapping Software

A great supply chain is what allows a company to work like a well-oiled machine. Instead of talking about it, ditch the spreadsheet view and put your data on a map. Lay out your supply chain to find holes in your network, mitigate risk, and grow the overall health of your business.

Optimize your supply chain
Without being able to visualize your supply chain, you can’t know for sure if you have inefficiencies. So plot your supply chain and display your coverage to find holes in your network. Then perform distance analysis to make sure that you are shipping and receiving things from the best locations to cut costs.
Identify growth opportunities
It is crucial to know where the weak areas of your supply chain are so that you know where you need to grow to dominate the competition. Plus you can apply your data along with competitor data to find the areas where they are weak as well in order to get even more of an edge against them.
Mitigate your risks
It is inevitable that things will go wrong, so be prepared for it. Utilize historical data in order to better know what to expect when disaster strikes. So whether you are dealing with natural disasters, product shortages, or something else, create a disaster recovery plan to never be caught off guard.

Delivery and Distributor Mapping

For a distributor mapping solution that saves time and can make your job much easier, Mapline’s GIS mapping software offers features that can shave hours off the task of balancing distributor routes. If you’re currently using a tool that only allows you to view single addresses at any given time, or especially if your process is a manual one, you’ll be excited to learn how Mapline can bring clarity to your operations.

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