New Territory Reporting

Slowing down is not in Mapline’s dictionary. Just a month ago we made a very big release about heat maps to create better and visually attractive maps. Today, we are proud to announce another update in line with territory reports and segmentation.

In-Depth Territory Reports

It is now possible to see a report of all of the boundaries within a folder. This will make it much easier to know which locations fall within each territory. It will also give you quick summaries of all the quantitative data in those territories as well. These reports can be accessed when you click the icon beside the shape folder. You can view the quantitative data and download a report with one or more of the following settings:
  • Count
  • Sum
  • Average
  • Maximum
  • Minimum

Segment Styling

You will now have more customization when looking to segment out your pins. For any numeric columns, you can now use the “Contain” option. So if you are looking to group things like zip or postal codes based on the first three digits, now you can!

Greater API Flexibility

We’ve continued to give our API users more flexibility. Our API now allows for filters to use a “Contain” option. So similar to the use case above, users can create more specific filters via the API.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

We continued to fix minor bugs in order to make sure users have the best experience. 2018 isn’t the time to slow down. Stay tuned for more improvements and new features as we continue to help you make the most of your mapping.