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Mapline 2.0 – Enhanced Routing

We want our routing capabilities to be both powerful to use and easy to access. So we decided to put it everywhere. And we mean everywhere. Nearly any element, dataset, pin, territory, or you name will be a source of routing. If you need to create a route but don’t know how, try clicking on nearly anything. Just like that, you can create a route.

Mapline 2.0 – Improved Data Management

We wanted to give our customers more flexibility about how they add, remove, and edit the locations in their dataset. Now, adding rows has never been easier. You can add new columns in seconds. A ton of new functionality has been added directly to the dataset page. Make all the changes you will ever need without ever having to leave.

Mapline 2.0 Countdown

Mapline 2.0 is only days away from releasing! Why are we calling it Mapline 2.0? Because everything regarding Mapline is about to change. It's about to get even better! This is the most comprehensive update we've ever had. So what does this mean and what should you expect from everything that is about to happen in the next few weeks?

Mapline 2.0 – Streamlined Design

Get ready for Mapline 2.0! Don’t worry, you’re not losing anything, we’re only giving you more! While many of our changes come directly from customer feedback, just as much came from our own desires to create the best Mapline possible. This comes in many forms, from making the “ADD” drop down menu easier to navigate, to making heat map and territory legends collapsable. We also changed the homepage to make Maps and Datasets easier to navigate. Everything is about to get even better than you currently know.

Coming Soon: A New Everything

Good news, Mapline users! We’re hope you’re ready for what could be one of the biggest updates in Mapline’s history. Nearly everything is going to change. You’ll see a new User Interface, New Features, New Data storage and much, much more.

Merge your Territories in Seconds

We started the year off right by figuring out new ways to meet your needs. Hence, we are excited to bring you the newest features of Mapline – the Merge Territories tool, an enhancement to the route optimization tool, and new way to use heat maps.