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Edit Data Home Page

Those of you who have been with us a while have probably noticed a few things. Firstly, that you are very, very smart. Secondly, Mapline’s Edit Data page is not the same as it’s always been. Well, the good news is that this version isn’t just different from our old version, it’s better. I’m not saying that just because I work here. I’m saying this newer version is better because it simply is. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Buckle up, I’m going to take you down a rabbit hole of discovery.

Mapline 2.0 – Mapping Made Powerful

Welcome to Mapline 2.0! We've heard your feedback, and we used it to make the most powerful version of Mapline ever. With a handful of new features and countless enhancements, it has never been easier to get powerful answers to your questions.

Mapline 2.0 – Demographic Data

We are incredibly excited to announce Mapline’s Demographic Data. Now your territories won’t just reflect your data, but they will now also reflect Government Census Data. Race, Gender, Age, and Household data is now available at the click of a mouse. See your data in a whole new light as you compare it against the population behind it. To put it simply: This is huge.

Mapline 2.0 – Supercharged Performance

We’ve haven’t just been adding new features and interfaces. We’ve also been working on our back end as well. The last thing we want is for our customers to open up Mapline, but then not be able to use it because they have too much data, or they want one too many territories. Well, we’ve made huge strides to make our maps more responsive, faster, and stronger. In short, Mapline can do more heavy lifting than ever before.

Mapline 2.0 – Help on Demand

Our most basic drive is to make mapping analysis available to everyone. A huge part of that is making our software as user-friendly as we can. We like to think we do well at this, but we’re always looking to do better. Starting with the new update, every feature, pop-up, or tool will have a help button with articles, videos and more available to guide you along. Our dream is that you never wonder about the answer to a question.

Mapline 2.0 – Total Customization

Mapline has always been a tool of customization. But now we’re ramping up the functionality like never before. Basically every feature or element on the map is being overhauled to give you more control as to how it looks and interacts. If you want your map to look a certain way, it can look that way. You have total control over every item on the map, down the the individual pins.