Sales and Marketing Mapping Software

Marketing is all about generating interest in your product or service. However, not everyone will want or need what you are selling. Between surveys, focus groups, and other customer interactions, you can get a good idea of your target audience. That, combined with historical data, will help you pinpoint exactly where to advertise, promote, and sell your product or service.

Optimize ad campaigns
Advertising can be expensive, but worth the investment if it leads to sales. Sales and marketing mapping helps make sure you’re getting your ads in front of people who are most likely to purchase. Use Mapline’s customer data and territories to perform analysis and identify the “hot spots” and maximize your ROI.
Analyze market data
Interpreting the nuances of survey data can be difficult with all the different variables. Building a market map helps you easily segment your data. Once it’s plotted, identify areas with high populations of people that resemble your target market to maximize sales.
Identify growth opportunities
Do you know where your competitors are? Do you know what are some of the external factors that lead to success for your product or service? With marketing mapping software, you can mix competitor data with your data to see exactly where the competition is. Then, add in other types of third party data to understand what stores or populations are conducive to growth.

Build a Market Map

The power of sales and marketing mapping helps you dive deeper into analyses and can help illustrate a range of positions for your product or service in the market. Mapline’s tools give you the power to carefully segment and target, arming you with the insights you need to provide better solutions to more people. Spot gaps, leverage market research, and find out exactly where your competition is—all when you build a market map with Mapline.

Grow Affiliate Network with Mapping

YourNews set out to create an online daily newspaper in as many markets as possible. To achieve this goal and gain affiliates who could help serve news to a nationwide audience, the company needed to visualize their market data on a map.

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