How to Add Pins from the Dataset Library

With a few clicks, you add and remove datasets from your maps.

1. Open your Map
You can open your map by single clicking the name, double clicking anywhere on the row, or by single clicking on the row and clicking the "Open" button. If you don't have a map created, click on the "Add New Items" button. Then select, "New Map" and give it a name.
2. Click on the Add Menu
Once you've opened your map, click on the "Add" menu in the top left corner of the screen.
3. Select "From Dataset Library"
Once the "Add" menu is opened, hover over the "Pins" option. Then select the "From Dataset Library" option to open the dataset library.
4. Add Datasets to the Map
Add data to your map through the library by checking the box of the datasets that you want to appear on the map. You can use the search bar to find the dataset quickly. If you haven't created the dataset that you want yet, then click "Add New Dataset" to create on in seconds.
Watch a demo for more help on how to add datasets from the dataset library.
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