Create Sublayers to Group Pins On Your Map

You can easily¬†group the pins on your map with a few clicks. Let’s say you have a spreadsheet of customers and each customer as an assigned sales manager. You can use the Sublayers feature to assign different pins for each sales manager’s locations. You can do the same thing to visualize customer segments, location types, or regions.

Group Pins on Map (Sublayers)

Steps to add Sublayers to your map

  1. Create a new map and add a dataset on your map.
  2. Click layer options menu next to the layer on your map.
  3. Select the Sublayer option.
  4. Click the Add Sublayers button.
  5. Select the category from your Excel spreadsheet that you would like to use as categories on your map.
  6. Click Done.

That’s all it takes to group your pins and assign different icons for different groups of locations! Sign up to try it out yourself.