How to Add Sublayers to Your Maps

Group Pins on Your Maps for Better Insights

Group Pins on Map (Sublayers)

Specifying locations with pins helps you identify trends and outliers, but what if you’re looking at too many locations at once? All that data viewed at once can get confusing and start blending together. With the Sublayers feature, you can categorize your pins and narrow in on what you actually want to look at.

When you create a map, you can specify locations with pins and identify trends and outliers by customizing your pins with different shapes, colors, and sizes. As helpful as this is, what do you do when you have a crowded map of pins? To really pull insights from your pins, you need to be able to group and categorize them. This is where the Sublayers feature comes in.

Follow our step-by-step instructions to add sublayers to your maps where you can visualize customer segments, location types, regions, and more.

Steps to add Sublayers to your map

  1. Create a new map and add a dataset on your map.
  2. Click layer options menu next to the layer on your map.
  3. Select the Sublayer option.
  4. Click the Add Sublayers button.
  5. Select the category from your Excel spreadsheet that you would like to use as categories on your map.
  6. Click Done.

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That’s all it takes to group your pins and assign different icons for different groups of locations!

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