Customize Territory Color Coded Maps

Get fresh ideas when you turn your Excel spreadsheet into territory color coded maps. A color coded map is made up of multi-colored territory boundaries where an individual color represents a geographical boundary or value. A simple example may be when one wants to create a USA map with different groups of states colored the same. Looking at this color coded map makes it easier to distinguish the boundaries.

Steps to create a territory color coded map

  1. Log in to your Mapline account.
  2. Open your Map Excel data
  3. Click “Layers” tab
  4. Choose “Territory Overlay”
  5. Select your territory map type.
  6. Name your territory map
  7. When selecting Territory Coloring: Choose “Paste Custom Colors from Excel”
  8. Download the sample territory set by clicking the “Download a Template” link.
  9. Open the template in Excel. You’ll see the territory name in the first column and the color you would like it to appear in the second column. Make any updates you need in the spreadsheet. Delete any rows of territories you don’t want to appear on your map.
  10. Copy and paste the updated spreadsheet into Mapline. Be sure to include the column headers (Territory and Color)
  11. Click “Continue”

Mapline offers a wide range of territory boundaries which can be added to your map. See Mapline’s Available Territories to see what is offered as well as step-by-step instructions on how you can add them to your map or build heat maps with territory colors.